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Clever processes for maximum production efficiency

Next-generation smart maintenance is more than just keeping machines running. Thanks to digital technologies, production is intelligently networked and enables optimal production efficiency . Modern maintenance is the driving force in comprehensive asset management that ensures maximum production performance and flexibility. And thus turns a cost driver into a profit center!

Optimal production processes thought holistically

The maintenance of production components plays a crucial role in cost and resource optimization. Unplanned downtime is expensive. Maximum system availability, efficient use of resources and optimized energy consumption are of crucial importance in global competition . This requires a holistic view of all production areas.

Our network offer

We therefore offer an interdisciplinary platform that covers all aspects of maintenance and broadens horizons. We promote the exchange of experts from various disciplines in order to take the important topic of maintenance out of its niche and make it accessible to a broader public. Enter the world of smart maintenance with InstandX !

The top topics


Process automation has a significant impact on the maintenance of plants and equipment. It enables increased efficiency, reduced downtime and improved process control. The combination of automation, robotics and maintenance can help increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve asset reliability. Examples of this include predictive maintenance, automated inspections using robots and drones, self-monitoring systems and automatic maintenance triggering.

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Measurement and sensor technology

Measurement and sensor technology plays a crucial role in the maintenance of systems, machines and devices. It enables the monitoring of operating parameters, the early detection of deviations and wear and the optimization of maintenance processes. The integration of measurement and sensor technology into maintenance requires good planning and a clear strategy to achieve the maximum benefits.

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Modern asset management is a key to promoting eco-efficiency. Intelligent maintenance as part of asset management can help to optimize resource consumption and recycling in systems, machines and buildings. Unnecessary environmental pollution, for example due to unplanned plant shutdowns, is avoided and the CO2 footprint is reduced. Increasing social and economic responsibility as well as stricter official regulations are increasingly motivating companies to develop and implement strategies that increase both system availability and eco-efficiency. Sustainable maintenance not only contributes to environmental protection, but can also reduce costs. However, it requires conscious planning and a holistic approach that balances environmental aspects with economic and social factors.

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IoT + software solutions

IoT and software solutions have revolutionized the maintenance industry by offering new ways to monitor, analyze and optimize systems, machines and buildings. These include CMMS solutions (Computerized Maintenance Management System), condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and predictive maintenance, data analysis and simulation, remote monitoring and maintenance, mobile maintenance and field management solutions. Generative AI is also being used more and more frequently in connection with these solutions. The right solutions can make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving system availability.

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Maintenance Services

In addition to industrial service providers who take on all or part of maintenance on behalf of customers, remote maintenance or remote services are also becoming increasingly important. For example, the system manufacturer's service technician works with the local maintenance person using extended reality solutions such as data glasses, without being on site himself. Plant and component providers also often expand their offerings with digital after sales services in the area of ​​maintenance and repair. This extends to new business models and pay-per-use concepts.

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Logistics, supply chain management and maintenance are closely related areas that play a crucial role in many industries. Efficient logistics are of great importance for successful maintenance, especially when it comes to spare parts management. Close coordination and communication between logistics and maintenance teams is crucial to exploit synergies, reduce costs and maximize asset availability. Digital transformation and the use of technologies such as IoT can further improve this collaboration.

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Artificial Intelligence & Extended Reality

The digital transformation is far from over! Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR), i.e. virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR), are only in the starting blocks. Generative artificial intelligence in maintenance can already create more accurate predictions and adaptive maintenance plans that go beyond traditional systems. Mixed reality solutions enable efficient remote maintenance via data glasses or cell phones and make it easier to train new employees. And applications such as the virtual simulation of entire factories in the metaverse will be the next generation of the digital twin.

Company profiles of the providers

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

General questions

InstandX is the Expo Smart marketplace for smart maintenance. Expo Smart is the next generation dialogue and contact platform. It connects the digital world with the real product experience. So the entire decision-making process from the search for information to the personal conversation and the purchase decision.

In the course of digital transformation, maintenance is no longer just an expert topic. Maintenance affects all areas of the modern factory with the aim of optimizing production processes. InstandX therefore bridges the gap between the different parties involved in the process. As an interdisciplinary platform, it bundles knowledge and experience from various disciplines and offers a holistic perspective outside the box.

InstandX is a network to support the exchange between experts from all areas and thus help shape the future of modern maintenance together. The challenges facing the industry in terms of resource efficiency, process optimization, sustainability, legal requirements and the retention of skilled workers can only be overcome together.

InstandX not only offers valuable information and company profiles. The user can use various search criteria to get an overview of the individual problem and find appropriate providers and solutions. They can be contacted directly from the profiles for more in-depth information. If everything goes well, the end result will be a personal meeting at the relevant specialist events or events with optional appointments. If there is no opportunity for a personal conversation, InstandX also offers exchanges via online meetings.

Our top topics include:

  • -           Automation
  • -           Measurement and sensor technology
  • -           Eco-efficiency
  • -           IoT and software solutions
  • Maintenance Services
  • -           Logistics and supply chain management
  • -           AI and XR

We also regularly report on current developments and industry trends in our news blog .

Our partners

  • The German maintenance association FVI – network for maintenance
  • The Austrian maintenance association MFA
  • The specialist magazine for operating technology and maintenance

These specialist events are already actively using our network:

  • Smart Maintenance Pavilion at automatica
  • Maintenance days in Salzburg
  • Maintenance conference in Linz

We also cooperate with regional partners and multipliers when events are planned there.

Industry sectors

Companies from the manufacturing industry such as mechanical engineering, automotive, energy, industrial electronics, metal processing, plastics, construction, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, aerospace, information technology and telecommunications, packaging, food, wood, logistics and paper.


Plant developers and designers, production planners and managers, maintenance workers, machine operators, project engineers, production and operations managers, factory foremen, quality and technical buyers, technical managers, energy managers, supply chain managers, IT managers, sustainability managers, process engineers and technicians, entrepreneurs, technical and commercial managers, board members and owners.

For visitors (users)

Register as a user free of charge

As a registered user, you can put together your own individual information offering. You will be invited to the relevant events and can thus expand your personal network of contacts.

Access to expert knowledge: As a member, you get access to a network of experts from various disciplines in the maintenance industry. You can benefit from the knowledge, experience and best practices.

Abundance of information: InstandX provides extensive and relevant information that is specifically tailored to technical decision-makers in the manufacturing industry and helps you make informed decisions.

Innovative solution approaches: The platform offers practical solution approaches that show how future-oriented maintenance can be successfully implemented to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Networking opportunities: InstandX enables providers and interested parties to network at various levels. This can create business opportunities and facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources.

Help shape the industry: As a member, you have the opportunity to actively work on shaping the future of maintenance. You can contribute ideas, promote innovations and participate in knowledge transfer.

Find providers and events

You can enter the relevant search terms (products, applications, solutions, etc.) in the full-text search and then receive a list of companies that offer corresponding offers.

Using “additional search filters” you will be taken to an overview mask where you can tick the relevant terms.

The relevant providers will then be shown to you in the detailed search. You can adjust your existing search filters there accordingly.

Provider profiles

You will then find detailed information about the companies in the provider profiles. At the end of the provider entry you will find the relevant contact partners and can contact them if you have any initial questions

Explore online - do business in person

Expo Smart connects the virtual with the real world. You are looking for the right solutions on the online portal. Once you have found the right company, you can make initial contact via the provider profile. This can be done by email, telephone or video chat.

In the profile you can also see which events the provider is represented at. You can then make an appointment at the event to get to know each other in person and see the products in action

Provider profiles

You will then find detailed information about the companies in the provider profiles. At the end of the provider entry you will find the relevant contact partners and can contact them if you have any initial questions

Connect with experts

InstandX is an expert network and would like to support the exchange of information and knowledge transfer among members. In addition to the possibility of contacting providers directly via the company profiles (sometimes also via live chat and video conference), we also want to promote exchange among users. We organize special user meetings at events. Webinars and regional user meetings are also planned.

For providers

Find new customers

As a provider with your own company profile, you are part of a dynamic community and can make valuable business contacts.

Free trial period: The platform offers a free trial period that allows you to experience the benefits of membership without obligation and check whether it meets your needs.

Flexibility and expansion options: You have the opportunity to optimize and personalize your entry on InstandX. Additionally, you can add additional details to your profile to strengthen your presence.

Paid membership option: After the free trial period has expired, you can consider a paid membership to continuously benefit from InstandX's offers and benefits.

Enter company

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You will then receive the relevant login data and can create your company profile and of course revise it at any time.

Depending on the type of membership , different functions are available.

Here you will find a short guide to registering and editing your company profile

Provider packages

We offer various membership packages. More details can be found here.

See for yourself - use the InstandX online hub free of charge and without any risk. Test all the functions of the “Professional” premium package extensively for 3 months as part of a trial membership (“Professional Test” account) and check whether membership is worth it for you.

Your trial membership ends automatically - without extension. Therefore, termination is not necessary.

You can decide whether you want to continue using the extensive functions on InstandX after the trial period and which membership best suits your goals. We offer you a Light, Professional or Enterprise membership with a 12-month term.

We support you

In the input mask for creating and maintaining the company profile you will find brief information about the corresponding function. We also offer clear step-by-step instructions here .

We will inform you at regular intervals via newsletter about the latest developments and give you advice on how to get the most out of your company entry.

You can send your request to us using the contact form . We will contact you shortly.

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